We invest in games that are inspired by mods, created by modders or have mod support

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Modularity Games

Transparent and open

Publishing doesn't need to be closed-off, slow or confusing. We have a strong relationship with the big stores, and will work with you to launch an incredible homepage that focuses on tiered direct sales giving your biggest fans a chance to back you higher.

We're creators too

Building communities for game developers is our jam. Running ModDB, IndieDB and mod.io has given us a lifetime of experience, friends and exposure which we are ready to share with the right games.

...and indie friendly

Our terms are friendly and fair. We don't take IP ownership or creative control away from you, your game is your vision and we are here to assist with positioning and outreach.

ModDB - video game mods
IndieDB - independent games
mod.io - mod API for game developers

Apply for Publishing

Sorry, but we are not currently taking on any more applications, but highly recommend you speak to our friends at GYLD Agency, who help games find publishers. Good luck!